• Thoughts on the Singapore Arts Scene

    Thoughts on the Singapore Arts Scene

    How do you think the arts help with child development? There are a myriad of ways a child can use and engage with the arts. Coupled with age-appropriate facilitation, activities and materials, the non-directive nature of the arts allows a child to explore across and along a spectrum of possibilities, and mastery need not be the end goal (although it can be). This means a naturally curious...
  • Thoughts on Singapore Music

    Thoughts on Singapore Music

    What are your thoughts on the development of the local music scene vs other Asian and Western countries? Singaporean music is a developing and growing genre, and I think that we are in an exciting stage of growth where we are exploring and finding our own sounds. We are a very young country compared to others, but Singapore’s music scene is already brimming with...
  • Thoughts on Singapore Film

    Thoughts on Singapore Film

    What are your thoughts on the development of Asian Film vs. Western Film? First of all, these are very broad terms. What do you mean by 'Western film'? Is it Hollywood, European, films from Australia/NZ? Same goes for Asian films...we have East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian films etc and they are all very different culturally. So if we put away the generalisations to...
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