Luanne Poh of The Artground


Name: Luanne Poh

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Title: Chief worm at The Artground 

Work WORK: I run The Artground ("TAG") at Goodman Arts Centre. TAG is an art play space for children from birth to 12 years and their accompanying carers, as well as an incubation play space for art makers to create positive arts experiences for and with the children.

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Life's WORK: I strive for the moments when a child gasps at something they see/experience or discover at TAG, and when their carers see the world differently even if just a moment, through their child's eyes. I want to make all these positive arts experiences accessible to all children and possible in our local theatre for early years scene.


How she MAKES IT WORK at:

IN LIFE: I'm constantly reminded by how blessed I am to enjoy what I do at work, surrounded by my wonderful TAG team and immensely talented artists daily, and have my family by my side. And a saying that "this too will pass" i.e. all good and all bad things will come and go, and to be grateful for each day's lessons.

WORK: Keep a cool head and a warm heart :)

AFTER WORK: I actually binge watch tv quite a bit :) currently I am re-watching Friends on Netflix - Season 6 where Rachel is dating Ross's student, Elizabeth's dad, played by Bruce Willis :)

HOME: My partner and I talk a lot about what we do. He is also a curator at a local museum and an artist by training, so our conversations frame a lot of what we implement at TAG. In fact, he was the one who helped me to articulate TAG's vision, which is "to let art do, what art does".

FOR HERSELF: I try to read as much as I can, whether it's art & design magazines, articles about early childhood development, neurodiversity. I also love to swim. When I swim, I get time to my thoughts and am able to streamline some of these things I've read about and make sense and/or apply it to the work.

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