DRIVE: Ang Geck Geck, Singapore Film Director

DRIVE: Ang Geck Geck, Singapore Film Director

About Ang Geck Geck:

On Ambition:

was very financially driven in my childhood as I was determined to make as much money as possible to support my grandparents who took care of me since young.

As a filmmaker, I am not making big bucks but it still allows me to provide them with a decent standard of living. To me, my current profession is extremely fulfilling as it allows me to explore my passion for the arts.

My belief is that film is the best medium to give me a voice to shape the world and tell my stories. 

On Work Life:

As a freelancer, I do not have a fixed schedule. Nevertheless, I try to keep working hours to ensure I stay disciplined and complete my work in a timely manner. To spur myself on, I remind myself constantly of my long term goals.

On Life's Purpose:

I am a person who requires a long term goal to motivate myself in life. For example, if I recognize that doing something will serve a greater purpose for me, I'll be obsessed with making that work and that in itself fuels me on a day to day basis to complete my deliverables in order to achieve that goal.

Hence, to stay driven, I definitely need to identify with a strong purpose/goal.

On Managing Energy:

Learning new things gets me excited and it can be anything simple as long as it is something new to me. I do tend to get demoralized when I face rejection or failure and some quiet and alone time is typically sufficient for me to re-energize and refocus

On Your Personal Style:
I love dresses, they keep me cool in this hot tropical climate. 


Body Armour Item:

Anything denim would fortify me in facing any challenges that come my way

A piece of fashion advice for your 22-year-old self...

I am an artist. So, thankfully, I do not tend to regret anything I wore in the past.


Favourite Quote of All Time

Wah Lao eh hahahhaha 

Photos taken from Priscilla's Instagram

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