• What to expect at a Medical / Soul Intuition Session

    What to expect at a Medical / Soul Intuition Session

    Medical Intuition, or Soul Intuition, is the ability to “read” and interpret patterns of energy, also known as Qi or Prana, in your body/mind/spirit.  The idea of Qi or energy may seem new age, but we all know that Qi has been explored by the Chinese since ancient times.  A Medical Intuit can help reveal the origins of unresolved health or life challenges. On the physical level, he/she may perceive where...
  • DRIVE: Ang Geck Geck, Singapore Film Director

    DRIVE: Ang Geck Geck, Singapore Film Director

    Ang Geck Geck Priscilla is a graduate of School of Art Design Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU). She has directed short films, commercial works, and corporate videos.  Her debut short film, Broken Crayon received a few accolades and won the Best Short Film award at the Singapore Short Film Festival 2013. She is also an Alumni of Busan Asian Film Academy...
  • Demystifying Tarot Card Reading

    Demystifying Tarot Card Reading

    What are Tarot Cards? Tarot cards are tools used for the purpose of assessing our lives, so that we have a better understanding of the situation and people involved. On a mystical level, tarot cards are primarily associated with a technique of communicating with a Higher Power. On a more secular level, Carl Jung (our modern day father of psychology) has made popular the...
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