DRIVE: Amalina Zakaria, co-founder of a coding school for women

DRIVE: Amalina Zakaria, co-founder of a coding school for women

About Amalina: 

Amalina is the co-founder and director of Hello Pomelo Creatives, a Singapore-based boutique agency specialising in creating amazing first experiences through websites. She enjoys delivering quality websites, crafted uniquely for a client’s needs, goals and target audience. She also co-founded Coding for Her which organises Coding Workshops for women.

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On Ambition:

When I was a child, I wanted to be a scientist because I was really interested in space. I didn't realize there were many different types of scientists, just that I wanted to be one. As I grew up, I grew more and more inclined towards technology and art in technology, and eventually became a web designer.

On Work Life:

A typical day at Hello Pomelo Creatives starts off with coffee or any delicious drink. That usually gives me the motivation to face the day.

On Life's Purpose:

Finding things that make you happy, constantly, is my principle!

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On Managing Energy:

Producing work that the client loves and hearing their comments, is the kind of validation and fulfilment that really energizes me. All that makes me work harder!

On Your Personal Style:

My corporate dresses. They are so effortless and classy and you do not have to think about matching tops and bottoms.

Body Armour Item:

I recently purchased a pink power suit, which accurately describes the kind of person I am!

What kind of clothes shopper are you?

I am quite specific with what I like and tend to go for similar styles

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A piece of fashion advice for your 22-year-old self...

Be more daring with colours!


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