Founder Story

Sum of the Parts was founded by Eelyn Tang, designer of bridal label Love, Yu. Over the years she has kept in touch with many of her ex-clients. She realized that, just like her, they have matured, some becoming full-time mums, many of whom continue to juggle work with motherhood.

While she still enjoys designing bridal gowns, she craved for a ready-to-wear line for women like herself and her ex-brides who have aged out of fast fashion brands catered to 20-something year olds.

She felt a void in the market for good quality pieces that would transcend time and remain classics at decent price points. 

Sum of the Parts was launched in 2019. Our customer is a practical woman who wants to dress for herself and not the masses.

She has a strong sense of style and self, and although fashion is important to her, she is too busy with work, life and family to be ruled by the latest trends.

Sum of the Parts allows her to pick out elevated pieces which she can in turn mix with her own fun pieces to create a unique style. Eelyn often gives styling ideas to her customers to make dressing fun and a breeze, allowing them to focus on the other parts of life.

Here is a introductory bundle offer for you to try out our pieces. You can check out more bundles here.