Would you travel with your Toddler?

Would you travel with your Toddler?

Toddler Travel is a loaded topic with many mothers having lots of opinions on what works best.

As with any child-related topic, we defer to the "do what works best for you" camp.

A google search of Toddler Travel brings up results of travel friendly strollers, travel beds, car seats, best age for toddler travel and the most technical industry specific phrase I've seen - "baby travel system".

With this much support from merchants, Moms who choose to travel can surely transport their toddlers.

And that brings us to the more important question, with limited luggage space, what is exactly essential and useful in giving Mom and Tot their much needed comfort and assurance in a different country and time zone?

We asked our close friend, Andrea Fenton who is a great researcher and tester of toddler equipment to help us determine that.

She is someone who is extremely meticulous, thoughtful and efficient. We also benefit from her most recent toddler travel adventure to the UK.

Given that most of our SOTP women are Mothers who love to travel, we thought to create a guide that serves as a Travel Survival (we kid) Guide.

For the Toddler section, Andrea shares with us what she would pack in her Carry-On and Check-In luggage sorted by category. That is the meticulous we were referring to.

For Mom, SOTP has got you sorted. We start with some tips on how to pack a good tight travel capsule wardrobe and then continue on with a style mood board to show you how we selected the items and looks.

After laying the items out by category, the magic happens when we show you the possible outfits that are generated from these few pieces.

We wish you a Magical trip with your bub and may your travel looks make you feel magical too!

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