What makes a good Linkedin photo?

What makes a good Linkedin photo?

1. It should look like you in 2023

Ever met someone in person after seeing his/her professional photo and go "wow, they look completely different." because the photo was taken over 5 years ago? It is important to update your linkedIn every few years.

2.It should look like you on a daily basis

It is important to make sure your hair is neatly coiffed and to put make-up on to showcase your best features. However, don't go overboard and overdramatise your hair and make-up. Look your best, but make sure it still looks like the everyday you.

3. Make-up tips

There are many make-up tutorial videos that teach you how to highlight your features for a photoshoot. It is best to watch the ones that specialise in make up for your skin tone and features. I personally like this video by Korean make-up artiste Risabae called "Makeup For your Photo ID".

4. Dress the part

What you wear depends on the industry you are in (or looking to enter). Those in the corporate world may want to wear a power suit or smart workwear, while those who are in the creative field may want to dress in smart casual clothes they wear to work daily. Do your research by searching for prominent figure in your industry on LinkedIn.

5. The clothes you pick matter

Avoid any clothes with busy details or prints. Accessories do help to add depth to your photo and personality, but keep them classic and not overly trendy or chunky as they can be distracting. You want to look sharp but comfortable, so pick clothes that are just that and not result in any possible wardrobe malfunctions.

6. Hire a pro

Lastly, hiring a professional photographer goes a long way! A photographer will have the best equipment (ie - not a phone camera), lighting knowledge, as well as editing skills. If you are interested in our SOTP x Aloysius Lim Professional Profile Photoshoot, check out this link.

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