Taking care of your SOTP Clothes

Taking care of your SOTP Clothes

Before we started SOTP we did a survey and learnt that almost all of the people we spoke to wanted machine washable clothes.

And that is why, aside from our Blake blazer, all of our clothes are machine washable. 

While we pride ourselves in the quality of our fabrics used, these pieces aren't indestructible and subjected to the usual wear and tear.

Here, we teach you 5 ways to take care of your SOTP garment:

1) Use a garment bag

We provide an SOTP garment bag with every purchase made on our online store. Garment bags help to protect and reduce the friction made when your clothes spin and tumble around the washing machine. This is especially important with delicates and clothes with buttons.

2) Avoid using the Dryer

This may be hard for busy working women who do their laundry at night when the sun is down, but when possible, avoid using the dryer and hang your clothes on a clothing rack to air/sun dry instead.

The heat generated from the dryer only wears down your clothes faster.

3) Use the right hangers

Invest in hangers that have round edges with non-slip strips and clip on hangers for your pants. This is especially important for your pieces with stretch in them or knits. There is nothing worse than having your clothes stretch our of shape because your hanger was poking and stretching it at the wrong places. If you don't have the right hanger, choose to fold them up instead.

4) Wash clothes inside out

Any clothes that has been dyed, in particular dark fabrics, can bleed when washed and fading is inevitable over time. Turning clothes inside out when washing and using a specialist colour-protecting detergent can help lessen the effects.

5) Pay attention to stains

From makeup to food spills, it is important to lookout for stains. Be sure to wash them immediately. Dab the stain with a wet cloth mixed with detergent until the stain comes off. Do not rub it! And make sure you remove the stain before you iron and hang the clothes up. Leave the garment to soak overnight or rewash it if needed.

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