DRIVE: Dr Chua Lay Hoon, Doctor & Mother of Masterchef Asia

DRIVE: Dr Chua Lay Hoon, Doctor & Mother of Masterchef Asia

About Dr Chua Lay Hoon: 

Dr Chua was born in Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia) and graduated from Medical School in 1977. She worked in General Practice in the government outpatient clinics until 1991 when she left to join her husband Dr Bobby Woo’s private practice at Gleneagles Medical Centre. Dr Chua is fluent in English, Bahasa, Mandarin & some Chinese dialects. Outside of work, Dr Chua is an excellent cook, with her speciality dish being Sarawak Laksa. Showing that culinary skills can be inherited, her son, Wai Leong won the competitive cooking show, MasterChef Asia in 2015. These days, Dr Chua can be found at Leong's restaurant along North Canal Road. 

Dr Chua in the Emma Shell Top behind the counter at Restaurant IBID

On Ambition:

As a child, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I grew up comfortably in a large family of 10 children in Kuching, Sarawak. I knew I just had to study hard, go to university, get a job and earn money. I was lucky to be offered a place in the then Singapore University to study medicine. I’m a general practitioner.

On Work Life:

I am in semi-retirement mode now. When I was younger, waking up daily means to be able to go to work with my husband and earn money. Now that I am in my sixties, I would be happy just to wake up each day to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to bring joy to the lives of those around me.

The Dana Pleated Neck Dress

On Life's Purpose:

My life purpose has changed. In my younger days, my purpose was to be a competent doctor, a loving wife and a good mother (plus tutor, driver, cook) to my 4 children. Now, I would be happy just to be alive, enjoy a certain level of good health, a good relationship with friends and siblings and a happy family.

On Managing Energy:

Waking up each day is a blessing. In addition, I enjoy seeing my two grandchildren grow up (and they grow fast!).

What zaps some of my energy is being with people who are not great at keeping order and time.

On Your Personal Style:

A pair of blue jeans is my go-to never fail piece and it goes with:

A T-shirt or a loose cotton/linen blouse for the day

A black blouse for casual dinners

A batik ‘baju opah’ to look more "Auntified"

The Freya Draped Top

Body Armour Item:

My black sleeveless, round necked sheath dress which I accessorize with a Hermes scarf and black 2-inch heels.

What kind of clothes shopper are you?

I go for conservative, classic style and colours that give me mileage. I am not into expensive clothes.

A piece of fashion advice for your 22-year-old self...

Be brave and creative and experiment with new style and colours. I don’t think I would have worn anything so outlandish that would have shocked people.

Favourite Quote of All Time

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.
- Forrest Gump
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