My 5 favourite Lazy Day pieces

My 5 favourite Lazy Day pieces

There are days where I wake up and feel too lazy to think about what to wear. This happens when I'm feeling under the weather, had a bad night's sleep, or feeling overwhelmed by work I have to do.

When this happens, I often reach out for a few outfits that I just put on and go - little effort pieces that still manage to make me look put together. 

These are my 5 favourite lazy day pieces:

1. SOTP Dev bamboo lycra jumpsuit

Dev Jumpsuit

This piece is so comfortable, and easy to style. I just match it with layered necklaces and sneakers.

2. Joshua linen shirt dress

Joshua Shirt dress

This can be worn with or without the sash, which gives me 2 different looks. I pair it with sandals or sneakers, depending on my mood. 

3. Michelle ruffle top

Michelle Ruffle Collar Sleeveless Top

I pair this top with denim or a plain pair of pants. The folded drape detail on this top makes my outfit look smart even without the help of any accessories.

4. Deiji Studios linen shirt and shorts set

DEIJI STUDIOS + NET SUSTAIN The 03 washed-linen shirt and shorts set

Is it a pyjama set or a really cool and breeze outfit to wear to town? I believe it is both, and this is why I love this set on a lazy day.

5. COS jersey midi dress

default image

Maxi dresses tend to look more smart casual than short ones, which is why I have a few plain maxi dresses in natural fabrics such as this piece from COS. Sandals + some accessories on the wrist and neck and I'm out of the house.

Do you have some lazy day pieces you love too? 


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