Creating Gallery Walls with NZ Artist, Maiko Nagao

Creating Gallery Walls with NZ Artist, Maiko Nagao

I love gallery walls! They can bring so much life and character to your home.
I love to mix it up with prints of my own, art from my favourite artists, postcards / birthday cards that are too cool to throw away and you'll also find some of my son's pre-school paintings.
The best thing about gallery walls is it's all about getting creative and telling your family's unique story.
When hanging frames on your wall always use a second pair of hands to help you hold them up to determine where to hang them.
I always start with the biggest pieces and work around them.
I like to try and leave around a 7cm gap between frames.
Always add a variety of sizes and different coloured / textured frames.
I do like to keep to a colour palette with the art but that's just me!
You could go totally wild and it would still look amazing. 
Hot tip: I hardly ever get my prints framed professionally as Ikea and so many other retail stores have great frames that fit standard sized prints!
I personally quite like the perspex options as glass scares me a bit with a toddler running around the house. Perspex frames are much easier to hang too as they're SO much lighter!
Oh, and I don't bother with the 3M hooks.
I use picture hooks that you can nail into the wall which you can purchase from any hardware store.
For those that feel a little stuck with where to start I've curated some gorgeous gallery walls over on my online store so you can get started right away!
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