Fall Outfit Ideas for Your Getaway Trips

Fall Outfit Ideas for Your Getaway Trips

You know it's Fall when you feel a bit bewildered that the year has gone by and there is only 4 months left to finish the year strong.

The release of the Starbucks' festive red cup then sways your choice of Netflix shows towards Gilmore Girls reruns or family centric movies set around celebrating Thanksgiving.

That aside, it's also the best time to travel. Cooler temperatures are an escape from our usual tropical humidity and an opportunity to bust out those cardigans and sweaters that you've been buying for that very purpose.

When you do bask in the good fortune of having some time off, are you an efficient packer, opting to to focus on outerwear whilst keeping the inner layers traditional and uninspired?

OR are you taking inspiration from all those bookmarked or pinned looks of stylish street walkers (ahem.. fashionable people who walk the streets) and seeing how you can recreate their looks with the items you have?

Here at SOTP, we believe that if you already have the good foundation pieces, putting in extra thought as to how the pieces are paired and styled, makes all the difference in making you look great in your holiday photos.

In the 2023's edition of the Fall Travel Edit, we have chosen good foundation pieces that you likely already have in your wardrobe.

We then show you how to mix and match these few key pieces to give you as many permutations so that you can maximize its wear-ability and not overpack. 

Our Stylist also includes tips on how to pack efficiently and includes accessories that go with the outfits.

If you like what our Stylist has selected, you can even opt to add on a document that contains all the direct shopping links of the exact items.

Happy Travels!


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