DRIVE: Lim Hui Nan, Restaurant Owner & Jumpsuit Lover

DRIVE: Lim Hui Nan, Restaurant Owner & Jumpsuit Lover

About Lim Hui Nan:

Nan is the one half of the couple that owns and runs Empire Eats Group, a restaurant group with 11 stand-alone restaurants and bars, and Liberty Spirits Asia, an alcohol distribution company that focuses on American craft spirits. Their companies employ about 100 full-time staff. The Empire Eats Group operates a diverse collection of food & beverage concepts including Tanuki Raw, Salmon Samurai, Standing Sushi Bar, The Secret Mermaid, The World is Flat, and Sumo Bar Happy. 

The Lauren Skirt

On Ambition:

Truth be told, I couldn't decide what I want to be growing up - I only knew I wanted to excel at whatever I do. I spent an illuminating few years in legal practice, during which I realised that I have an insatiable hunger for independence and nurse a strong desire to chart my own course in life.

I'd like to think my current profession is a good step in meeting that need.

On Work Life:

It's been some years since I've switched careers from a lawyer to a restaurant owner-operator. One thing I've realised is that entrepreneurship is akin to participating in a marathon.

At times, moments of overwhelming anxiety distract me from the ultimate goal and I get derailed by doubt.

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Reminding myself to keep my eye on the finish line, especially when I am exhausted from a day of fire-fighting, has been pivotal in staying sane amidst the intense stress.

One of the best advice I've received from a mentor is to break my tasks down into achievable components and to stay sensitive to what keeps me on an even keel.

Spending time with my kids does that for me and I make it a point now to start my day with some quality time with my kids in the mornings.

On Life's Purpose:

This is one of my biggest tenets in life: my time is the only resource I can't get more of, once it's gone. As such, I am extremely zealous about what and who I spend my time on and with.

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However, with age, I've learnt that it is equally important to decompress - which is why binging on Terrace House/Samurai Gourmet/Midnight Diner on Netflix is a perfectly adequate use of my time these days.

On Managing Energy:

Exploring new ideas and business lines energises me.

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On Your Personal Style:

My power jumpsuits! They're what I resort to on days when I need to get the day started quickly (ie when I literally have no time to piece together outfits, which is fairly often).

I like how they're the perfect canvas for statement necklaces (my secret indulgence) and that a well-cut jumpsuit is versatile enough to transform from day to night, with a mere switch from sneakers to heels.

Body Armour Item:

Not clothing per se, but I literally run tons of errands thrown at me by work and mom-life in my trusty sneakers. A pair of sexy heels has its time and place though.

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What kind of clothes shopper are you?

Very specific; Usually prefer similar styles

A piece of fashion advice for your 22-year-old self...

Unlike that twice-worn bolero purchased in the 2000s, you'll never regret investing in quality classics

Favourite Quote of All Time

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock
- Thomas Jefferson
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