Blue Jeans, Baby

Blue Jeans, Baby

When you say Jeans, brands like Old Navy, Levi's, Gap and Madewell come to mind.

With so many types of cuts, shapes, finishing and fits, how many pairs of jeans does the average woman have in their wardrobe?

A simple Google search indicates the number to be seven.

Stylists and denim experts recommend acquiring at least 3 to 4 different jean types that suit you for you to wear on various occasions.

Purchasing jeans can be a very varied affair, from eyeballing its great fit on a mannequin or a model to the reality of actually fitting in it.

What the jeans wearer eventually feels in the fitting room boils down to how well they understand their body shape and the jeans type.

Just understanding the cut and make of the more popular jean silhouettes can help make your Jeans Purchasing Journey a more relaxed and possibly fun affair.

This where SOTP Styling comes in.

Within this complimentary starter Jeans Guide, we have covered 7 different types of Jeans and highlighted the key features of each.

Recommendations on how to wear and style each type are also provided for the more visual learners.

We hope you'll enjoy this Style Guide that is solely dedicated to the garment that was found in France and popularized in the West Coast of America. 

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