5 investment pieces worth the splurge

5 investment pieces worth the splurge

You don't need to spend a lot of money to look stylish. Especially not in this day and age, where there are so many affordable clothing brands out there.

I am an advocate of mixing high-end with low-priced pieces, not mixing both intentionally all the time, but simply because there are many affordable, good quality clothes you can get at a fraction of the price simply because it doesn't have a designer label on it. 

There are however some items I think are worth saving up and splurging on. Pieces which look significant better because of better quality fabric and good workmanship which can't be achieved at a lower price. 

These are the 5 investment pieces worth the splurge:

1. Suit jacket/blazer

Sewing a jacket requires time and advanced sewing skills, which is why it is so hard to find a high street blazer that looks as sharp as a designer/bespoke piece. Definitely worth saving up and splurging on.

oversized jacket in striped wool flannel

YSL oversized jacket

Horse Country Chic: Classic Chanel

Chanel tweed jacket

Alexandr McQueen asymmetrical blazer

 2. Cashmere sweater

Not all 100% cashmeres are made the same. There are different grades of cashmere, which explains the price difference you see. Grade A cashmere has longer and thinner hair, which have been painstakingly combed through by hand. 

Some designer labels charge more not because of the quality of the cashmere but because of their label, so remember to lookout for the grade on the fabric or touch it to see if it feels soft. 

Boat Neck Breton Sweater - La Ligne

La Ligne boatneck breton sweater

NILI LOTAN Cashmere hoodie

Nili Lotan cashmere hoodie

Cashmere Cape

Modern Love cashmere cape

3. Well-made leather belt

I've paired many outfits with high street belts that cost less than $50 and they looked great...BUT there is something about a belt constructed with good quality leather and hardware that elevates the entire outfit. 

You can choose to buy one from a luxury brand you have an affinity to, or you could choose a non discreet leather belt. 

Medium Triomphe Belt in Taurillon Leather - Bronze -  - 3 | CELINE

Celine Triomphe Belt

The Row Moon leather belt

Loewe leather belt

4. Dress shoes

Just like the belt, a good pair of classic, well-made shoes is worth the splurge. Pick a pair you can see yourself wearing. It could be a classic pair of heels, loafers or sandals. Keep your Nikes and Birkenstocks for daily wear, and these shoes when you are off to somewhere a little more fancy.


Gucci Jordaan loafers

Manolo Blahnik Callasli sandals
Slingbacks - Beige & Black - Goatskin & Grosgrain - CHANEL - artistique view 1
Chanel slingbacks
5. Formal Dress

I have a handful of formal dresses in my closet that I keep for formal occasions such as weddings. Some of these pieces in my closet are easily over 10 years old, but they remain pieces I love.

You don't get to wear these piece often, so remember to pick timeless classics made of good fabric that you know can last you for at least a decade.

Roland Mouret drapey cady dress


Lanvin long strappy dress

main product photo

Shanghai Tang qipao


I know some of the pieces listed above are very expensive, but don't forget that there is the option to purchase off-season pieces on websites such as Outnet, or second hand shops such as The Real Real and Carousell. 

If it's still out of your budget, stay tuned, we will look at some 'steals' in our future blog post! 



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