Out of the Box
Out of the Box

Out of the Box

Regular price $150.00 SGD

To enjoy this service, we require you to:

  1. Purchase this listing
  2. Fill up a style survey form which we'll email you post-purchase
  3. When you purchase the listing, the listing price of S$ 150 can be used to offset your eventual purchase
  4. If none of the items suit, once we obtain the parcel with all the items in its new condition, we'll go ahead and refund you the deposit of S$ 150 to your credit card
  5. If any items are stained, damaged, torn or washed, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the full amount of the damaged item(s)

Please note that deliveries can only be made to a verified home address.

The try-out period is 7 business days after which you can arrange to have us collect the parcel from your home.

If you return all the items and make no purchase, a small administrative fee of S$ 15 to cover the cost of delivery and collection will be deducted from your    S$ 150 deposit.