Our Story

Our mission at SOTP is to create a wardrobe of essential and versatile pieces of clothing that make dressing less complicated, but no less stylish.

The thoughtfully designed pieces can hold their own and also work together in function-based capsules.

The pieces are inspired by the staples in our wardrobe —

the pieces that give us mileage and just work whatever the occasion.

Our wardrobes may be full but we usually end up picking the same few pieces time and time again. Because there's a toddler hanging on our leg and a 9am meeting to rush to, and deciding what to wear and mix & match is the last thing on our minds.

Our founding team is made up of three women, two of whom are mothers. We value time and experiences above all else and sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a few key pieces that are versatile enough to be pieced together to generate different outfits and looks?

Key pieces that give you the mileage that they should?

We spend many of our days making it work with the little time and energy we have.

And so it's our aim to make you look good with little effort.
You just have to put us on, go forth and make it work.