5 pieces you can save on

5 pieces you can save on

We looked at 5 items worth the splurge in our last blog post. Here, we look at 5 items/categories of clothing you can save on, without compromising much on quality. 

1. Basic cotton t-shirts/tank tops

There are good, basic cotton tees and tanks you can get from shops such as Uniqlo or here at SOTP that may not have the fancy brand logo tagged on but are good in quality and can last the test of time in your closet. 

Zen Ribbed 3/4 Sleeve Tee

SOTP Zen ribbed tee

2. Current trending clothing

I love classic timeless pieces, and here at SOTP, we are all for pieces that do not go out of style. But ever so often, I find a current trend or style I love, one I know will go out of fashion in a couple of seasons. When that happens, I will always shop for the high street version of that style. However, I will always try to pick the piece that is as sustainable as much as I can. 


Zara dress in recycled polyester

3. Costume jewellery/accessories

Not to be confused with 24k gold/platinum investment fine jewellery from places such as Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpels. 

Here, I refer to accessories that are made of brass/stainless steel and plated in gold. There are so many affordable options out there made of similar quality and material as those you find at premium labels. Choose to save not splurge in this department.

18k gold-plated stainless steel necklace on Aliexpress

 4. Summer clothes

Summer clothes such as sundresses typically do not require complicated construction. If you do not have an affinity to a brand, choose to save instead of splurge here. However, be mindful of the fabric and stitching. Choose pieces made of natural fabrics over synthetic ones.

Summer dress from H&M

5. Jeans

Jeans can be tricky as it isn't a one cut/rise fits all. I recently tried on a pair of Celine jeans I really liked, but unfortunately the waist and hip ratio didn't suit me (fortunate for my wallet though). 

Designer brands such as Celine only produce a few jean styles per season, and hence are limited in cuts and rises. Jeans brands like Calvin Klein as well as some mass market brands like Uniqlo have a wider selection for more body types. 

Some jeans brands can be expensive (eg: $570 for a pair of Agolde jeans) but brands such as Wrangler and The Gap are much more affordable. Give these brands a try if you don't want to feel a pinch on your wallet.  

Image may contain Human Person Pants Clothing Denim Jeans Apparel Footwear and Shoe

Kate Moss in Wrangler Jeans

I love looking for steals for my wardrobe as much as I enjoy purchasing investment pieces. I hope this article helps you in making your next purchase decision slightly easier!  



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