WFH and Stay Home Outfits for the Week


Kids not realising how severe the situation is and rejoicing in their freedom from the usual school routine; Having your spouse around all day; Juggling calls from work with deadlines looming?

Welcome to 2021's stay home situation. 

While it is definitely not the best situation, we'll make the best of it. 

Starting with the clothes on your back and how style can transform your mood and outlook for the day. 

We've come up with this 7 day outfit solution from our latest collection.

Day 1: Monday 

Easing into the week after an exhausting weekend. 


Day 2: Tuesday

Still feeling upbeat about having to juggle with full confidence that you've got it all under control.

Day 3: Wednesday

Energy is waning and tensions building. You need to know when the end is in sight. Light a scented candle at night to unwind.

Day 4: Thursday

You receive a second wind from your choice of elixir (i.e. super foods, caffeine, alcohol, touching base with friends, sitting in your bathroom alone etc.). Time to re-do your nails for the weekend.

Day 5: Friday

TGIF! A quick escape to the park is called for. Don't forget to bring along your hat and our handy Oppa bag.

Day 6: Saturday

Thinking of a fun way to exhaust the kids without exhausting yourself. How about some Mandarin books about loving the Earth?

Day 7: Sunday

Dressing in your Sunday's Best just because you've survived the week and deserve to celebrate! Head to the supermarket and grab yourself a bottle of sake!


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