The Clairvoyant Wall Street Trader


What did you do before starting Rishi Tarot?

Before I ventured into tarot and spirituality, I was the epitome of a successful career woman. I excelled academically, went to an Ivy League school on full scholarship and graduated with a near perfect GPA.

I landed my first job in Wall Street, New York and was one of the few women who became a Fixed Income Trader in an industry that was typically reserved and biased to men. Yes, sexism and gender-discrimination are real but those challenges did not weigh me down. In fact, I used them as opportunities to build my resilience, perfect my skill sets and most important of all, made good money through sheer hard work and strategic thinking.

Year after year I went against all odds by proving myself and always landed the promotion I strived for. By the age of 28, I had already become the Senior Vice President of a Private Equity Firm.

Amid all my achievements and success, I felt miserable. I realised there were many things in life I did not know - how to be happy? How to be a good human? Ultimately, I did not know myself at all.

All I knew was how I ran away from the void within that was caused by my parents’ divorce when I was a kid. I had channeled my pain, confusion and lack of love into acquiring material success in life, in hopes that money and recognition would conceal the void. They didn’t.

Despite making even more money, I had to endure with existential angst. Eventually, I left my job to travel around the world in search of meaning, which lasted 8 years. During which, I became an avid diver and started on my spiritual journey.

In the vast field of esoteric disciplines, how did you decide on what to focus on?

I’m a tarot reader with a particular interest in astrology and esoteric disciplines.

My own career has been far from linear. In my life so far, I’ve already done many things and I’m proud of that. 

I tried different modalities of meditation and New Age practices but found myself consistently gravitating towards the art of Divination. 

As I engaged deeper, it became clear that Divination wasn’t mere fortune telling.

Divination is a tool that provides us with clearer “optics” to assess our life journeys and situations, along with the right course of action to take.

Once I understood that there is a harmony within the polarity of Destiny and Free Will, I realized that we all have the choice to act and respond out of our own volition, even if that means responding through acceptance of the things we cannot change.

This became my biggest turning point because through the Tarot readings, I found the power and guidance to no longer be driven by my unfounded fears and feelings of lack.

A new, positive pathway appeared, I could finally breathe and feel alive.

What began as curiosity, turned into a full time practice that evolved into an extensive collection of tarot cards, philosophy books and occult literature. The more I dive into the academic rigours and methodical theory of Divination and the occult traditions, I realize that it is actually very intellectual.

My inclination for uncovering complex systems kicked in, and I went from being an expert in complicated Financial Instruments to an expert in the system of Divination. Eventually, my practice led me towards many premonitions.

One of which is, meeting my true love. As revealed by my cards even before I met him, my husband appeared at a time when I needed him the most. Coincidentally, his spiritual master also revealed to him that love would be walking into his life which further affirmed my Divination result.

We are now happily married and my husband happens to be a well-regarded spiritual teacher and mindfulness expert. 

What I’ve experienced all these years has been life-transforming and magical.

It would be selfish not to share what I’ve learned. So I am now dedicated to helping others on their own life journeys through my tarot readings.

What kind of issues do people approach you with?

Most of my clients come to me for career issues because I am able to draw from my vast experience in the corporate world and speak in their language.

As a result, I’ve also decided to share my skills on YouTube as a pro bono way of helping others on their personal journeys.

This is because I noticed that there is a shared human commonality in all our problems and our quest to navigate life. 

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