It's all Possible with SOTP


Are you the kind of person who wakes up to the possibility of what the day might bring?

Are you that rare breed whom people love to secretly envy for that “so put together, no makeup, flawless, looks like I didn’t try at all, but boy do I look good” kind of vibe?

If so, stop reading.

 If not, a brand new work day brings about the possibility of:

(A) Giving you a break from your usual clothing style


(B) Sticking to your usual clothing choices

 Which would you choose?

Well, if you chose (A), you’ll probably be looking at the other non-standard work clothes and figuring out how to put them together, keeping in mind, it’s not casual Friday.

You throw on some items and then come to the realisation that it’s not really working. And then the clock continues ticking, and any further delay will mean getting even more sandwiched on public transport.

So you return to the default (B) of sticking to your usual clothing choices. Feeling more secure and comfortable and assured that the same old cannot go wrong.

Now you’re out of the house and on your way to work, feeling the same way you feel every day. That initial emotion of possibility has not been realised. 

Finally, you reach your office and then out glides / prances / walks a colleague. You recognise that skirt on her and maybe the blouse too, but yet there is something distinctly different in style with her. She looks good.

 Finally, you realised that the possibility of the day manifested in her.

 Who is she?

 Answer: The SOTP woman 

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