• A Guide to Garment Fabrics

    A Guide to Garment Fabrics

    One of the hottest fashion buzzwords right now is "sustainable" or "eco-friendly". However, do you know what constitutes a "sustainable" fabric versus one that is bad for the environment?  It isn't always a clear answer, but in this post, we've created a simple guide that covers various fabrics used in clothing, and weigh in on the pros and cons of each.   Cotton - fibre from cotton plants PROS  CONS...
  • Refashioning a Clothing Business

    Refashioning a Clothing Business

    From our launch in November 2018, we've learned a great deal about the business of clothing and the importance of fit, choice of fabric and order quantities. For our first few styles, what we thought as good quality weighted fabric turned out to be too warm for our tropical climate.  The arm sizing for the end sizes (i.e. Size 0 and Size 8) turned out...
  • Exotically unique pieces you'll want to carry

    Exotically unique pieces you'll want to carry

    We get sold on what's the latest IT bag to have on our arm through repetition - billboards, ads, store visuals, influencers etc.  Wouldn't it be refreshing if you had something truly one of a kind to call your own? If it was sourced from a sustainable source, even better.  We speak to Janelle of J Keyer about how she founded the brand.  Photo Credit: J...
  • Supporting marine conservation in Southeast Asia through Seastainable

    Supporting marine conservation in Southeast Asia through Seastainable

    Do you know someone whose hobby activity culminates in a full time enterprise that exists to inform, educate and give back to that same hobby? Better yet, if that hobby is all about doing an ocean of good. We speak to the avid diver and advocate of marine conservation, Samantha Thian on her business, Seastainable.  How do you run Seastainable sustainably? We understand that this...
  • Re-Purposing your SOTP Box

    Re-Purposing your SOTP Box

    We chose cardboard boxes to ship the SOTP styles to you as it is sturdy and solid and biodegradable. A lot of you have commented on how nice-looking the box is and that got us thinking about its longevity in your household. Our creative in the team, Eelyn decided to repurpose them to make them useful household additions for organizing. Here are 3 ways:...
  • How to slow down your fast fashion habits - Part Two

    How to slow down your fast fashion habits - Part Two

    Following our earlier post about upcycling, our designer had to refashion some new unwanted clothing. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the profits from the sale of these upcycled styles will go towards the Courage Fund to support those affected by COVID-19. Here we show you what was wrong with the initial piece and how our designer, Eelyn reworked them into wearable pieces. +++...
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