• Re-Purposing your SOTP Box

    Re-Purposing your SOTP Box

    We chose cardboard boxes to ship the SOTP styles to you as it is sturdy and solid and biodegradable. A lot of you have commented on how nice-looking the box is and that got us thinking about its longevity in your household. Our creative in the team, Eelyn decided to repurpose them to make them useful household additions for organizing. Here are 3 ways:...
  • How to make Natural Clean Toothpaste

    How to make Natural Clean Toothpaste

    Recipe from our friend, Rachel who adapted it from MommyPotamus What You'll Need 4 tablespoons bentonite clay 2 teaspoons baking soda 1.5 teaspoons unrefined sea salt 1.5 teaspoons ground cinnamon About 5-7 drops peppermint essential oil About 5 drops in total of orange and/or clove essential oil Instructions:  Mix all ingredients in a clean glass jar You're done.  To start brushing... Sprinkle a little...
  • MAKING: Beeswax Cloth Wrap

    MAKING: Beeswax Cloth Wrap

    Recipe from our friend, Rachel. What You'll Need Beeswax (they come in either pellet form or in a block - if so, you'll have to grate it) Oven tray Aluminium Foil Cheap Paint Brush Thin, tight weave fabric cloth squares (in varying sizes, I like to use 9.5 x 9.5-inches, you can prepare the fabric by sewing the edges or you can use pinking shears...
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