• A Guide to Garment Fabrics

    A Guide to Garment Fabrics

    One of the hottest fashion buzzwords right now is "sustainable" or "eco-friendly". However, do you know what constitutes a "sustainable" fabric versus one that is bad for the environment?  It isn't always a clear answer, but in this post, we've created a simple guide that covers various fabrics used in clothing, and weigh in on the pros and cons of each.   Cotton - fibre from cotton plants PROS  CONS...
  • Taking care of your SOTP Clothes

    Taking care of your SOTP Clothes

    Before we started SOTP we did a survey and learnt that almost all of the people we spoke to wanted machine washable clothes. And that is why, aside from our Blake blazer, all of our clothes are machine washable.  While we pride ourselves in the quality of our fabrics used, these pieces aren't indestructible and subjected to the usual wear and tear. Here, we...
  • More about our Fabrics

    More about our Fabrics

    Ponte Stretch Knit This is a relatively thicker fabric that is sure to keep you snug in air-conditioned places. It has a good stretch. Used in our Alexa wrap dress to enhance your natural shape. Smooth Satin Crepe This is a luxurious fabric with a slight stretch.  Used in our Hilda high-waisted shorts which we consider a pair of dress shorts Utility Silk Crepe Rough to touch on...
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