• The Guide to House Plants

    The Guide to House Plants

    There is something satisfying about buying a houseplant, nurturing it and watching it grow. I started my plant journey in 2015 with a single stalk of a Monstera Deliciosa given as a house warming gift from a girlfriend. Almost five years later, that single stalk has grown into eight beautify, lush and HUGE leaves. I have also added on many other house plants to the home...
  • Fresh Eco Nail Wraps

    Fresh Eco Nail Wraps

    You may have seen our new addition to our Beauty category on site - Nail Wraps. No more chipped polish. Best yet, it's toxic and fuss-free. We speak to Audrey, the founder of Freshly Wrapped below.  How did you get Freshly Wrapped off the ground? Prior to its launch, Freshly Wrapped was about a year in the making. I invested a large portion of...
  • Refashioning a Clothing Business

    Refashioning a Clothing Business

    From our launch in November 2018, we've learned a great deal about the business of clothing and the importance of fit, choice of fabric and order quantities. For our first few styles, what we thought as good quality weighted fabric turned out to be too warm for our tropical climate.  The arm sizing for the end sizes (i.e. Size 0 and Size 8) turned out...
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