• DRIVE: Jacqueline Goh of Yoyogi Japanese Restaurant

    DRIVE: Jacqueline Goh of Yoyogi Japanese Restaurant

    About Jacqueline Goh:  Jacqueline runs Yoyogi, a sushi and omakase restaurant established in 2004 with her celebrity chef husband Edwin Tan. Off-duty, she enjoys running and has participated in marathons in Tokyo, Hong Kong & Singapore. Customers of Yoyogi has since come to expect her warm personality and unparalleled service. The Elsa Jumpsuit in Navy On Ambition: As a kid, you always aspire to be someone your...
  • Running in Elsa

    Running in Elsa

    Here is a day in the life of Jacqueline Goh, co-owner of Yoyogi restaurant at 49 Amoy Street. In addition to enjoying the aromas of sake and vinegar daily, running is the other activity that Jacqueline does daily.  The Hong Kong and Tokyo marathons are amongst the many races that Jacqueline has completed.  Jacqueline brought us along on a day where she went for...
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