What Sustainability means to a Clothing Company


At SOTP, we embrace practical sustainability whilst ensuring that the styles are flattering in fit and style.

Brands that advocate sustainability have been growing due to the global focus on climate change and consumers' growing demand for accountability from brands have resulted in greater transparency in retail clothing brands’ production processes.

That has resulted in us taking stock of our own operations and our brand direction. 

We've always been a bunch of middle-ground folks who'll bring our own water bottles when we're out and about but also give into plastic when we are craving a cup of bubble tea. 

We believe that the secret to making progress on being more conscious of our impact on the environment is to take small and consistent steps and most importantly, making ourselves aware of why we are making the change.

SOTP is a young brand with ambition. 

We are well aware of how informed and smart our community is and we will not pretend to know better than you. 

We are committed to learning more about sustainable fibres, their pros and cons before we use them to make our clothes. 

We need to understand why they cost more and how we as a business can balance the scales of cost to avoid making poor business decisions that will lead to a young business’ premature demise. 

When we started our collection, we focused solely on style and function and our fabric selection comprised of a mix of natural fibres with synthetic ones such as high quality polyester.

Our intention was and still is to make pieces that are long lasting in style and quality. 

With that successfully done, we can avoid trend-based consumption and the accumulation of dead stock. 

We are mindful of the frequency of promotional sales we launch as our pieces are evergreen and do not go out of style.

At the same time, our items are produced in relatively small quantities, thus we are not under undue pressure to “clear stock”. 

These measures may not seem as drastic as overhauling our entire packaging system to eliminate plastic completely or sourcing sustainable certified fabric primarily from a trademarked and certified textile provider but we do believe that our small measures contribute positively to the other sustainability variables. 

Thank you for your encouraging response to our sustainable fabric collection where the softness of cotton, the form fitting nature of the bamboo fabric, the stretch and strength in modal fabric were embraced. 

We will continue to use and source for sustainable fabrics and review our production systems to ensure that doing business with SOTP makes good partnership sense for Mother Earth. 

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