Starting the New Year on the Right Note


New beginnings tend to bring along excitement and apprehension.

Excited to start things afresh and a bit apprehensive to do things the same way you've always done, past actions that might have filled you with regret and remorse.

We speak to Serena of Serenaugury, a practitioner of astrology, palmistry and tarot to get a different perspective beyond the common platitudes of "Stay in the Present", "What's the point of regret?" which while true, does not help process the feelings of regret that might linger.

Here's to starting the new year on the right note. 

A Q&A with Serena of Serenaugury

My feelings of regret conjures bad memories and I wished I knew better back then. Help!

Nothing is ever wasted and no pain is ever in vain. This may sound like just another positive platitude one says to comfort another but I say this for two reasons.

First, the wisdom and understanding we gained from our failures can always be repurposed and reintegrated into something far better.

Second, when we take the esoteric view of cause and effect as well as divine timing, we start to see that we reap what we sow and although we cannot dictate the timing of how our lives fall into place, we have faith that all things will be fairly recompensed. 

Everything in its time. Can I believe that?

There is a tendency among high achievers to feel like the clock is ticking and to get nervous wondering if our dreams are taking too long to manifest. This impatience is a result of thinking that there is a need to assert control in shaping each moment to our expectations, which is in turn shaped by social comparisons.

The reality is that there are many things in life beyond our control, especially the timing to which our dreams come into fruition.

The study of divination is to make sense and distinguish between what we can control and that which we have to accept. 

Instead of viewing time in a linear way, astrologers view time in cycles, giving every aspect of our lives its own season. By studying transits, or the movement of planets in relation to one’s natal horoscope, astrologers can determine when certain actions will be more appropriate or inappropriate given a window in time.

For example, there are certain transits that can bring about financial challenges. What often happens during this time is that money necessities are made more real and some kind of financial restructuring happens, from spending habits to sources of income.

Sometimes business failures do occur during this transit because the business itself had already been falling behind and the transit simply expedited the process of its downfall. Just as there are challenging periods, there are also rewarding periods where certain transits result in tremendous success and reaping the rewards of one’s past efforts. 

Is success in my cards?

Our own unique destiny also determines when and how one achieves success.

Some people are destined to find success early in life, only to lose it later or have it dwindle away so as to refocus on other aspects of their lives.

Some others are destined to struggle in their early years, only to find success after a certain coming of age moment as the planets move through its cycle.

Knowing when we might find success does not preclude us from putting in effort during periods of hardship, instead we must continue to do our best so that when the tide turns, all the seeds we planted previously will finally be ready for harvest.

The greater the effort, the bigger the bounty - this is the one factor we can certainly control.  

To summarize...

Life offers experiences that are challenging and experiences that are beneficial, yet over time they strike a balance.

We move from birth to death, from being to doing, from discovering to letting go.

The greatest wisdom to keep in mind with all the phenomena in life, whether they be valleys or peaks, is that everything is transient.

So when we berate ourselves for not having achieved profitability or success for our endeavours, we must remember that all experiences have their place and we can only do our best without being attached to the outcome of how or when we might see the rewards. 

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