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Ponte Stretch Knit

This is a relatively thicker fabric that is sure to keep you snug in air-conditioned places. It has a good stretch.

Used in our Alexa wrap dress to enhance your natural shape.

Smooth Satin Crepe

This is a luxurious fabric with a slight stretch. 

Used in our Hilda high-waisted shorts which we consider a pair of dress shorts

Utility Silk Crepe

Rough to touch on the outside and smooth when it's close to your skin. It provides a "wrinkle-free" solution to effortless styling which treads a thin line between casual and sloppy.

Used in our Freya draped top, Zoe twist top and Cheng dress.

Lightweight Twill

If comfort work dressing is your thing, this is your go-to fabric, as it is structured yet soft to wear.

Used in our Katherine wide leg pants and Emma shell top

Stonewashed Crepe 

If you welcome hugs, this would be the fabric to wear to give your hugger maximum comfort. This is so luxurious to look at and comfortable to feel. The interesting texture does help to give it extra character. 

Used in our Dana pleated neck dress.


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