How to slow down your fast fashion habits - Part One


Ladies’ Fashion at Takashimaya Department Store is no stranger to doing its part for the environment in its own way. A call to customers to donate their used and worn clothing was done last year. These donated clothes were given to fashion students at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (“NAFA”) for them to refashion and upcycle.

The resulted avant-garde looks displayed at Ladies’ Fashion, Level 3 received encouraging feedback from customers, prompting Takashimaya to bring this initiative back this year with an added feature of making these upcycled pieces available for sale. 

Sum of the Parts has been tasked with upcycling unwanted and donated clothes from Ladies’ Fashion. 

Sum of the Parts’ designer, Eelyn Tang approached the task with the simple mission of giving new life to these old and unwanted clothes.

“Often time, people overestimate the amount of work required for upcycling their old clothes and end up putting it off and eventually not doing it” Eelyn mentions.

Through this collaboration with Takashimaya Singapore, she wants to show people how simple mending and amendments can rework these unwanted pieces and give them a new sense of wearability. 

Sum of the Parts is about making simple, classic styles with quality materials, some of those materials comprises of sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, modal and viscose, whilst others have polyester blends.

"We try to use sustainable and traceable fabric when we can. When we can't, we make sure that the fabric we use is of high quality and contribute to our mission of slowing down your fashion consumption. If it lasts longer and you are able to wear it many times because of the quality and timeless style, we have done our job”, Eelyn states.

Sum of the Parts will donate the profits from the sale of the upcycled styles to the World Wildlife Fund Australia in support of bushfire recovery.

You can find the upcycled styles at Sum of the Parts’ retail area at the Ladies’ Fashion, Level 3, Takashimaya Department Store during the Love the Earth Month. 

Takashimaya’s Love the Earth month starts from 26 March to 27 April.

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