Explosion in your Mouth


If you have been bombarded with images of foods and promises of speedy home deliveries since the lockdown, we aren't any different.

That is how we got to know Ben, owner of ooomahmee.
If you are a fan of sashimi, pasta and truffle oil, look no further. ooomahmee has them all in a bowl of pure tastiness.
We chat with Founder Ben below. 
Photo Credit: John Heng
Your visual menu is the bomb. Why did you decide to present it this way? 
ooo. Thanks for the compliments. There were a few reasons why we went with illustrations instead of traditional photography
  1. We wanted the brand to be an approachable, cheeky and fun experience. We thought illustrations/cartoons help with that image
  2. Because it’s Instagram! We believe that our talented customers’ photos are the best testimony! Besides, there are so many talented photographers out there
  3. And finally, the truth is, we didn’t know how to capture a bowl of explosive twonahmee without wasting food 

How did you decide on the menu and why? 
Not sure if I will answer this right. ooomahmee was born purely out of an experiment.
Also, hahaha… erm. There is not much of a menu.
We are a home based business and we can’t have a huge inventory.

The addition of aka ebi to the menu was because we were looking for a viable option for a cooked item to replace the raw scallops without the sweetness of the dish being compromised.
What are the challenges in burgeoning food business?

bur-geon-what? I had to google.

I must say we have been quite blessed because I have many good mentors in the trade. Also, with my years of experience in design, illustration, branding and cooking at home. It wasn’t as daunting to start.

Our biggest struggle is to balance between being ideal and being real.
How to not be swayed, tempted or driven by bottom line.
For example, should we choose a more cost effective ikura (smaller in size) over the premium? Pound for pound, they are effectively the same taste.

it can be quite a no brainer for businesses to choose the former. but you know… #samesamebutdifferent and it’s the difference makes a difference!
When you’re a new kid on the block, everybody has an opinion, suggestion on how to improve or even run the business.
One of the biggest challenge we face is how to be discerning on who’s advice we should listen to?
Where do you see ooo mah mee headed in the next year?
ooo... nothing big per se.
At least for the next year, we will still be home-based.
We are taking really baby steps to open up for daily orders but keep it limited to maintain quality. 
What do you want customers to remember best about your food?
We don’t mean to sound philosophical but we wish that ooomahmee is not just about the illusive fifth taste but an overall experience of satisfaction.
For the month of August, SOTP Readers and Customers will get a 10% off any ooo mah mee's orders. Simply indicate SOTPooomahmee when placing your order with Ben. 
You can either benefit directly from the 10% discount or indicate to Ben that you would like to donate your 10% discount to Cenacle Sisters or Daughters of St Paul, Ben's chosen charities for the month of August. 
Simply let Ben know if you wish to donate 10% of your order value. 

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