What to expect at a Medical / Soul Intuition Session


Medical Intuition, or Soul Intuition, is the ability to “read” and interpret patterns of energy, also known as Qi or Prana, in your body/mind/spirit. 

The idea of Qi or energy may seem new age, but we all know that Qi has been explored by the Chinese since ancient times. 

A Medical Intuit can help reveal the origins of unresolved health or life challenges. On the physical level, he/she may perceive where in the body potential health problems could occur, existing dysfunction in organs and contributing factors such as nutrient deficiencies and toxins.

What is revealed depends on the individual’s willingness and readiness, both at the conscious and deeper subconscious levels.

I had the opportunity to attend a Soul intuition session with Josephine of Soul Energii last week. I have explored other forms of energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Bodytalk, so it wasn't hard for me to enter the session with an open mind.

The session took 1.5 hrs, and it started with both of us sitting in a quiet meditative state. First, Josephine asked for my permission to “energetically scan” my auric field and physical body. I was asked to scan myself as well and relay to her what I felt or sensed, likewise, she would relay whatever I pick up intuitively. These may be colours, images, thoughts, feelings, words or energetic attachments.

What we explored in our session were my unresolved life challenges rather than physical ailments. This, of course, would differ from individual to individual. We delved into these challenges through Josephine's visions as well as what she could feel physically. She charted this out on a piece of paper which I got to keep.

What was interesting is that the issues Josephine picked up are familiar ones that I have explored previously in some of my other healing sessions. 

My chart notes that I struggle to articulating my thoughts and views in times of confrontation, and there were things I needed to work on with my inner child.

Weirdly enough, she realised after the session that the essential oil mist she chose for me (before we even met) was aptly called "Inner Child".

Overall, her thoughts and conclusions feel accurate and resonated with me.

We ended the session with a brief discussion, and before I left Josephine encouraged me to do some homework on my own to help with my healing journey.

I left the session feeling lighter and I slept very well that night. I'm keen on doing the homework prescribed by Josephine, and checked in with her for another session in the near future.

Soul Intuition is not a substitute for proper medical care and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, but I would recommend this to those of you who are open to energy and soul healing.


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