Honing your Intuition by following your Heart


When we heard that Josephine Ng, a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, an established figure in the local holistic healthcare scene launched a new healing venture incorporating modalities that tap into intuition and spirituality, we had to get in touch to learn more. 

Josephine now offers Soul Intuition & Soul Realignment consultations and we speak to her about how she honed her ability to pick up on our internal messages. 

Did your childhood & upbringing shape your interest in this area of work that you do now?

My childhood was neither happy nor conventional. From young I felt the need to prove myself in order to be accepted so I did this through academic achievements in maths and science.
I realised that my happiest times were when I was reading and creating imaginary lives in my head. I wanted to be a writer up to my early 20s.
Looking back, I now understand that my left analytical brain was my survival tool - what kept me safe and accepted. And my right brain with its imagination is my intuitive connection to innate wisdom. To some extent, you could say that my childhood imaginations were tiny forays into the work that I do now.

They always say that everything happens for a reason, do you believe the same for your career path?

I believe my inner voice led the way. After graduating with a science degree, I became a newspaper journalist, then a magazine editor, jobs which allowed me to explore some creative work when I wasn’t covering tech or science stories.
After which, I worked in public relations for a bit then became a financial journalist which took me to London where I discovered nutritional therapy as I searched to resolve my own health issues.
That plunged me into heavy science studies for a few years which led me to a 15 year career as a Nutritional Therapist / Functional Medicine Practitioner working with people with chronic and complex health issues.

It is so good to hear that you were open to change and that in itself opens doors. 

I agree. There has always been dichotomy in me. While I was doing all these tech, science work, I was a bohemian at heart. I had encounters that piqued my interest in the energetic and spiritual realm which was labeled as new age woo-hoo stuff.
 A string of personal crises while I was living in Hong Kong brought me to my knees. I sought comfort from the spiritual world and perhaps to try to make sense of the shit raining down on me.
Hong Kong was a place I didn’t want to be in the first place. Ironically through the harsh experiences, I met amazing people from the spiritual community who helped me tremendously.
I felt immensely attracted to learn energy work, tried various modalities but could not feel or sense energy. That made me feel like a failure and I viewed it as a sign for me to stick to my lane in the sciences.

When did the breakthrough happen for you?

Somewhere along the way I had come across Caroline Myss, who was a renowned Medical Intuitive in the U.S. I was totally enthralled by how she could perceive what was going on with someone in their physical body as well as their emotions and spiritual aspects that contributed to their health problems.
My rational mind doubted that it was a skill within my reach but my heart hung on to hope. 
Thankfully, the universe has a way to open doors for you when you really want something. I stumbled on a modality called Soul Realignment that taught me to use intuition in a structured, analytical way. After I learned that, I became more open to listening to my intuition in a free flow manner. 
Caroline Myss popped up again in my social media feed after several years.
A sign maybe?
I encountered another medical intuitive who tested me on whether I could gather information about unknown situations or objects using my intuition on the spot. I wasn’t 100 percent correct but I was picking up enough to suggest I could do it.
Synchronicity brought me to a medical intuitive/psychic who happened to be teaching in Wales while I was in London in 2018. After that training, I put it to test immediately with a client of mine who was having mysterious symptoms. 

I was terrified to impart to her what I picked up. I didn’t even know if she was open to such a modality as in the 2 years we’ve worked together we have never mentioned energy or spiritual matters.

I was blown away when she confirmed every visual image I “saw” and resonated with the information.

I knew this work has immense value if someone was ready for it.

Example of how Josephine may illustrate the intuitive information she picks up during a session. 
As I practised some more and took another training, I realised how intuitive information tends to drop in for me.
After offering to few select clients, I started to get referrals and some strangers somehow manage to find me. I realised also I can help them tune into their own intuition which always amazes both the client and myself.

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