Mooning over Little Dresses


What do you look for when purchasing clothes for your little ones?

Design OR Comfort OR Your own preference (i.e. what you would wear if you were that little)?

We speak to Caroline of Luna and Moon about how she founded the brand. 

Photo Credit: Eng Hong from 39 East
Luna & Moon. Why not call the brand 2 Moons? Can you share with us the significance of the brand name?
The brand name came about by mashing 2 of our all time favourite children's characters. Mr Moon from Sing and Luna from My Little Pony. We initially had a few other names in consideration and did a poll with some friends. Luna and Moon came up as a favourite. 
How did the brand germinate and how did you get it off the ground?
My co-founder, Melissa and I have children the same age and as we shopped for our kids, we found the available styles very similar across the brands and wanted something different. So we decided to create our own designs and start a kidswear brand!
With so many children's clothing brands in the market, what do you want Luna and Moon to stand for?
We want Luna and Moon to represent the well travelled, well balanced and multi cultured child.
Our designs are often a mix of western and local styles, with a strong emphasis on comfort. 
We have also intentionally made our designs more adult-like so mums who buy our clothes for their kids will think - I'd like that in my size too...
Your prints are pretty and optimistic, can you share what goes behind your design and sourcing process?
We try to put a twist to classic kidswear designs.
If you notice, our dresses usually have something interesting going on like a low scoop back, low cross back, key hole back, side cut-outs, etc...
The fabric we use has also been carefully selected to ensure its breathability in this tropical climate!
At the moment, our fabrics are sourced mainly from the US, UK and Japan.
Children are extremely picky dresses, what are some sure-win tactics to get them dressed?
What works for me is that I try to get them to talk about the clothing that they'll about to put on. We talk about the animals/plants on the print and how they'll look after putting it on. I find that it makes them excited to show it off. 

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