Running in Elsa


Here is a day in the life of Jacqueline Goh, co-owner of Yoyogi restaurant at 49 Amoy Street. In addition to enjoying the aromas of sake and vinegar daily, running is the other activity that Jacqueline does daily. 

The Hong Kong and Tokyo marathons are amongst the many races that Jacqueline has completed. 

Jacqueline brought us along on a day where she went for a Fuel Efficiency Test at Coached at Robinson Square before heading to her restaurant, Yoyogi at Amoy Street. 

We decided to let Jacqueline test drive a couple of our items - the Anne Knotted Top, the Elsa Jumpsuit, the Aly reversible top and the Lisa Draped Skirt

Arriving at Coached via its private elevator

Awaiting the test in the white Anne Knotted Top  

Understanding the test from Jim Webster, an exercise physiologist with Coached, a heart rate training programme that helps you optimise, track and enjoy your training.

For story purposes, Jacqueline was kind enough to stretch out the Elsa for us.

Verdict: It's great for those crazy busy days that involve lots of running around

Jim studying Jacqueline's stats.

Done with the test on the Elsa Jumpsuit.

Done with the test and off to work in the beautiful conservation shophouse area of Amoy Street. 

Stepping into Yoyogi.

Changed into the Aly Reversible Top & Lisa Drape Skirt to start service. Jacqueline's usual outfit is the classic Kimono. 

Jacqueline & Edwin, the owners of Yoyogi with their usual fresh delicious offering awaits you.

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