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We get sold on what's the latest IT bag to have on our arm through repetition - billboards, ads, store visuals, influencers etc. 

Wouldn't it be refreshing if you had something truly one of a kind to call your own?

If it was sourced from a sustainable source, even better. 

We speak to Janelle of J Keyer about how she founded the brand. 

Photo Credit: J Keyer's Instagram
How did you get your start in the business of Exotic Handbags?
Friends in the expat community introduced me to the world of exotic leather when I was living in Indonesia.
They paid a high premium back home in Europe and often bought these bags for their families and friends.
While the leather was beautiful, I thought the craftsmanship could be improved.
Hence, the search for skilled artisans and ethical tanneries began.
Being in a foreign land, this took me a long while but the wait was worth it! It’s truly an affinity and J. KEYER was established. 
Who is the J Keyer woman / customer?
She is one of a kind and is not afraid to stand out. Our bespoke service is made for her. 
How many of us have this underlying fear of seeing double at an event?
Wearing that same dress?!
Some may choose to avoid their doppelgänger at all costs or be chill about it and compliment her on her good taste!
Whichever approach, it is not something we look forward to.
So, why would you want to be seen with the same bag? With that in mind, we want to provide our discerning customers with this service. If no two persons are the same then why should their bags be?
The J Keyer bags are so special and colourful. What goes into making them so? Are the dyes natural or organic?
We currently work with tanneries which are CITES certified, hence ensuring its sustainability.
The colour options are amazing and we can create unique patterns hand painted by our craftsmen.
We always enjoy experimenting new colour combinations that are uniquely ours.
We also love the fact that the bags are easy on our shoulders as they are much lighter than calf leather.
A large hobo bag like our classic EMMA weighs only around 800g! Hence, apart from carrying them for work, our J Keyer customers also love to have them as their travel buddies.
Can you share some tips with our readers on how they can distinguish between genuine or fake leather?
A simple way is to examine its texture. If the texture is way too smooth, it is very likely to be fake.
Real python leather has its own distinct pattern and its texture is less consistent and more natural-looking. 

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