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You may have seen our new addition to our Beauty category on site - Nail Wraps.

No more chipped polish. Best yet, it's toxic and fuss-free.

We speak to Audrey, the founder of Freshly Wrapped below. 

How did you get Freshly Wrapped off the ground?

Prior to its launch, Freshly Wrapped was about a year in the making. I invested a large portion of my time in first defining my audience and the various personas I would be targeting as a brand. By focusing it as "people-first", the other elements did fall into place - from the nitty gritty like shopping touch points to backend work and to the most exciting part - designs!
Another key aspect of course is finding the right manufacturer / partner to help realise the designs and ensuring quality when it comes to producing the nail wraps.
Oddly enough, I've always dreamt of running a nail salon when I was younger and I also understand the multitude of challenges that come with it - that business idea was quickly shelved away.
Nail wraps have the actually been around for a long time and has evolved from having to heat the wraps or to use press-ons. So when I chanced upon a progressive, better approach to nail wraps that works with my target audience, I took the plunge and made it to a side hustle. 
What does toxic free in the world of nail wraps really mean?

We've all seen or heard a little bit about nail polish products that are 5, 7 and 8-free. This also applies to nail polish wraps - meaning they are free from a handful of key toxic ingredients that were commonly found in nail polish back in the day.
As a consumer, you would want to look for nail wraps that are at the very least 5-free: which means it is made without the use of Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. This gives end users a peace-of-mind of using nail wraps without the nasties! 
Fuss-free is the goal. What are some common mistakes you've heard women make when putting on their nail wraps?

For those new to nail wraps, it can seem a little daunting at first! One common mistake I've heard and seen would be sizing the nail wraps incorrectly, mainly applying a wrap that's too wide for the nail bed. If in doubt and in between sizes, always go for the smaller tip instead. I would then recommend trimming off the sides of the nail wrap to fit your nail. 
When the nail wrap is too wide / big for the nail bed, it overlaps into the surrounding skin which causes it to come off prematurely, and can also trap moisture under the wrap. Which leads me to another common mistake - which is applying the wraps onto the cuticle itself, which causes the nail wrap to "fray" at that area.
Also, you don't have to be a pro at applying nail polish to apply nail wraps! I for me, am really bad at applying polish - but nail wraps on the other hand are a breeze to handle!
Something I always tell my customers is that Practice makes Perfect! You may not nail it the first time, but you'll soon get the hang of it. 
What are some tips to ensure one's nail wrap lasts longer?
The key to having your wraps last longer is first sizing and applying them correctly! After which, "seal" them with a compatible top coat for a longer-lasting finish (some gel top coats usually work really well!). It is important to note that nail polish wraps are not like your gel manicures and they do wear off, especially at the tips. Some customers I know would file down their nail tips gently and re-apply a top coat to bring back the glossy look after a week of having the wraps on. 
How do you come up with all these beautiful designs? Are you a secret graphic artist?

I'm glad and humbled you think the designs are beautiful!
I'm not a secret graphic artist, but I am an interior designer and run my own practice called Studio Abby. I have actually dabbled in some graphic design work back in the day but I'm in no way a professional! I do really enjoy the creative process and dreaming up these little canvases.
As a creative, I'm constantly drawn to imagery, objects, palettes and the environment that I work with on a daily basis, which all in turn help shape the aesthetics I want to create. As nail wraps have a quick turnaround and are very much based on trends, I do design with seasons in mind. Trends aside, I do try to be mindful of keeping the designs classic for a bit more longevity! 
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