A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi


French ladies are known for their ability to throw something on and look effortlessly chic. 

You would think effortless chic translates to putting in no effort but thought is definitely required. 

Here comes the thinking. Always with a smile, of course. 

Maybe just a change of pants colour?

The pair of Sophia slouchy pants always fetches compliments and is so easy and comfortable to wear. 

Switching them from Military Brown to a brighter Peach might be the solution?

Let me strike a pose and see if this will work.


On second thought, this might be a bit too casual for dinner with possibly new friends.

How about the Ines Bias Skirt in Varsity Blue? It does go well with the Adele Peach Camisole.

It definitely flatters the hind and smoothens everything out. 

A strong contender. 

Oh wow, there's still 2 hours before I have to meet them. 

Let me try out a completely new look to see if denim is the solution.

The Louise Swiss Dot Top with its flared sleeves is the feminine blouse to go with sturdy denims. 

Ok, I'm definitely too comfortable.

An update on the dinner location is sent in the group chat. It's been changed to a fine dining Italian restaurant. 

Ok all of the above options were nice but definitely too casual for this new location.

Time to change outfits again.

This time, I know what I'll reach out for. 

A simple sheath dress with the most unexpected yet luxurious shoulder bow. The Eva.

Ok, I think that's the look.

Oh wait, I think I'll change the colour. 

So yes, that's effortless for you. 

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