Classic Style is not Basic


When we got together and discussed what SOTP’s first collection would be, the ONE word thrown around consistently was CLASSIC.

The word brings to mind other words such as high quality and elegance.

However, the key term we took from Classic’s definition is that for an item to be deemed as such, it needs to be judged and considered over a period of time.

Using that as a guide, the Creative & Design team evaluated their own wardrobes and took inspiration from the clothing items that they wear yet and again, time after time, occasion after occasion.

Combining that inspiration with the technicalities of fit and comfort upon wear, each single item was created.

Upon first sight, it might seem as though SOTP’s classic clothes border along looking like the plain, non-fashionable basics that we buy constantly after we’ve worn them to death.

If that is your impression, then SOTP the label has succeeded in accomplishing what we set out to do.

We want to be your constant. Our items can and should be paired with your trendy statement pieces. Our items should be your go-to pieces when you just want to look put together and not overdressed.

Think of the ladies that consistently rank high in the style stakes, think Kate Bosworth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton, they look good consistently because they know what works for them and they stick to it.

Basics on them look beyond basic when styled. Basics make them look effortlessly chic.

Wearing classic basics are a sure way of ensuring you’ll never look basic.

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