Looking inwards is an Inside Job


How did the co-founder of the iconic club, Butter Factory end up starting The Inside Job - was there a specific moment of realization? 

Well, haha more like a moment of grace. 

I was someone that avoided any discomfort or unpleasant feelings. I grew up believing that to show your emotions was weak and would just get in the way of getting things done. For all my adult life, I pushed away any unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling, and developed an attitude that if you want something, you must work hard & can only rely on yourself.

But there comes a time when whatever you use to numb yourself stops working and if you are lucky, out of sheer desperation you surrender and experience a moment of grace. 

That was slightly over 3 years ago, and the beginning of my journey into recovery and self-discovery.

In December last year, I left my job at The Great Room to (as cliché as it sounds…) follow my heart! 

What was the hardest thing about the transition from entrepreneur to employee, and back to an entrepreneur? 

After The Butter Factory, I joined L'Oreal so that was a huge change for me! However, it was intentional. I wanted to get some corporate experience before it was too 'late'. I think the hardest transition at L'Oreal was getting used to how big corporations operate, so many meetings! Strict office hours and less room to experiment with new ideas.

I spent a year at L'Oreal & then the opportunity to lead the Marketing at The Great Room came about. As part of the founding team, I got to build a brand, which I love to do. I had a boss that was goal oriented, who trusted my ideas, so I had lots of flexibility and room for creativity there - which is what I enjoy most as an entrepreneur! 

What's the best part about being a freelance new age health practitioner? Worst part? 

I don't see myself as a freelance New Age health practitioner lol.

I studied and took the exam to become a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner because as a client I loved it and benefited from it. I get monthly Bodytalk sessions and it is a part of my self-care routine. It is a service that I wanted to be able to offer others, if it is something that they are looking for. 

The Inside Job, it is meant to be an Experiential Sound Bath studio which offers soulful experiences.
Holistic healing services, will be a demand-driven secondary offer.
However, clearly 2020 is not the year to be making long term plans so the physical studio is currently on hold. 

It isn't that huge a change if you think about it... I am still going to be about doing what I have always done well, creating experiences! Just a different kind of experience now, but I am still drawn to sound and music. I want to be able to create soulful experiences incorporating sound and music that gets people to slow down, relax deeply and sink into their hearts. To bring awareness that the "hustle culture" is not the best/healthiest for us. Rest, reflection, relaxation and play are essential to a healthy, happy life! 

How did you end up focusing on Sound Baths? 

There are some things that just resonate with you, it's a feeling that is hard to explain. Well, I've always been drawn to music and sound and the very first time I heard the gong... wow, I was mesmerized and went back every week! and it became part of my self care routine too :) 
For me, I find myself in a state of deep relaxation. With sound baths, it's great for beginners or those who have never done any meditation,  because you reap the benefits of meditation, and it is definitely easier to get into. 

What would you say to people who say what you are doing is some new age crap? 

I am exactly that person a few years back so I am very realistic about what I am offering.  

The Inside Job is about creating an experience /environment that will help you to relax deeply and reduce stress. Stress is ever more prevalent today, with the pandemic, our “hustle culture” and increasing screen time. Anxiety and depression rates are on the rise, I hear people complaining about insomnia... I look around and see how hard it is for people to be still.

I have personally benefited from it and want to be able to create an environment /experiences that will help more people to embrace slowing down and just be. Stress weakens your immune system, and deep relaxation does the opposite. There is nothing “new age” or “wooo wooo” about that     

Holistic healing on the other hand, is usually demand driven, it's not for everyone and I don’t believe in trying to convince others to try it.
I will recommend it because it has worked for me. But only usually when someone has tried all sorts of medication and/or no doctor is able to help or for those who don’t want to rely on a cocktail of prescription pills, that  they start to consider alternatives. 

How do you successfully manage your time so your days and weeks don't just slip away?

There is no magic pill, and good habits have to be built over time - something I learnt quite late into the game.
But in the last 3 years, I have been building my discipline muscle daily. My day starts with being grateful so I write down 3 things I am grateful for each morning. Before I go to bed, I sit for 15 minutes or so, and reflect on my day... and if there are certain things that I can do better, I try to take action immediately or the day after. Because of this daily routine, it makes it quite hard to let the days and weeks slip past because it makes you much more aware of each day. I highly recommend introducing this into your daily routine. It has done wonders for me! 

Can you give 9 to 5ers a Mantra for mindful living? 

Oh, so many! where to start haha
I guess the one that gets me through the difficult days would be "A day at a time" 

What advice would you give someone who is going to experience a sensory experience with you for the first time online?

I think it is important to note that the sound of the gong is never going to be done justice online. A sound bath, especially for gongs, is best experienced in person. Unfortunately, this is the next best thing now, but I'd advice to try it in person (in the near future)! Other than that, good speakers or headphones, earphones will make for a better online experience. 

Many of us associate productivity with our self esteem and end up running ourselves exhausted. What is something different you can say from the usual, "take time to smell the roses"? Readers would love to hear from someone who has experienced both sides. 

In my experience, when I make time to rest, relax and play, my brain feels fresh... I am more productive and creative. Ideas, words... just flow faster!

During my Butter Factory days, I used to wear my hustle like a badge of honour, my motto then was "work hard, play harder, live fast, die young," LOL ... looking back now, I can see it was a combination of not working efficiently, the belief that I had to "rise and grind" for success and I can "sleep when I'm dead", and partly all that  busy-ness and hustle was a distraction, from myself and the discomfort that arises when I am still. 

This "hustle culture" has made us feel like we are being lazy or unproductive when we relax! And in our busy-ness we have not learnt to be with, and process our discomfort and unpleasant emotions. 

When you make time for reflection, rest, relaxation and play, your heath (physical, emotional and mental) and productivity improves. 


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